2015 - So far!

Back in January, I posted about looking ahead in 2015, and wanted to see how I am doing.


I have enjoyed working at Project Decibel. It's fun being in a startup again, working with people who are smart that I respect. Startup life is a beast in its own right, but aligns well with my professional goals. It's super stealthy, so not being able to share is both kinda cool, but at the same time would love to share.


The blog has been neglected, and directly conflicts with my professional goals. Still struggling to find that medium ground. On the plus side I have been actively posting to instagram, which aligns with my photography goals. I could do more often, and follow a regular cadence, but so far not disappointed.

Daniel Bulli

I am a yardie (means Jamaican), and develop web type things. Excels at strategy and vision, with a keen sense of design and user interface. An avid photographer, and a frustrated golfer.

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