So at Project Decibel we decided that we would build the server side architecture using node.js, and it's perfect for the job at hand. I have never tried to program in Node, and wanted to get up to speed quickly. I learn by doing, getting frustrated and solving. After trying a free course at Codeschool, I fell in love with the format, and sign up for a $25 paid account.

After a couple weeks at it (I decided to take the long road and do all the entire Javascript path), I must say it really is a pleasure. The pace is good, content is good, the inline code editor is good, presenters are excellent, and exercises are well thought out. The sequence and progression they chose is really well thought out. Even though allot of the Javascript I knew, I appreciated the refresher (and adjusting the playback speed of video helped breeze though the parts I knew already). Towards the end things got a little more difficult, but that's good... if it were too easy then it wouldn't be worth it.

Even though I will cancel in 2 weeks, as I will probably have done all the classes they have that I am interested in, there really isn't anything bad to say about the courses they have. It's an affordable way to learn on your own time.

I highly recommend Codeschool, and since they have free courses to try, you have nothing to lose.

Daniel Bulli

I am a yardie (means Jamaican), and develop web type things. Excels at strategy and vision, with a keen sense of design and user interface. An avid photographer, and a frustrated golfer.

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