Jah Rastafari

I am always amazed when I go home to see the proliferation of the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica. They get a bad wrap with people joining for the only purpose to smoke weed as part of the religion. Surprisingly to most, it's not mandatory, it's purely optional and I do know Rastafarians who do not smoke.

I must admit I do not know a lot about the history or the culture, but I do know whenever I speak with one, they are truly proud people and have very interesting way of speaking.

Facts an' facts, an' t'ings an t'ings: dem's all a lotta fockin' bullshit. Hear me! Dere is no truth but de one truth, an' that is the truth of Jah Rastafari. - Bob Marley

Rasta painter

The one and only Jerry in Jamaica

Rasta at Faith's Pen

Daniel Bulli

I am a yardie (means Jamaican), and develop web type things. Excels at strategy and vision, with a keen sense of design and user interface. An avid photographer, and a frustrated golfer.

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