Juggling My Tech Startup, Family, and Golf: My Triple-Threat Life

Juggling My Tech Startup, Family, and Golf: My Triple-Threat Life
Photo by Patrick Fore / Unsplash

Life's like a crazy dance – tech startup whirlwinds, the joy of family, and an endless love affair with golf. Navigating these three? A wild ride, my friend.

Startup Hustle: A Soccer Game with Code
Ever dream up an idea and then run full throttle like kids after a soccer ball? That's me at Starry, the early days, no slowing down. Forget titles; I didn't need a fancy label. Though, as a highly empathetic tech leader with a knack for user experience, "Director Systems Software and UI" had a nice ring.

I had my hands on everything – UI product development Starry's first router ( and technical support), router firmware management, built from scratch WiFi 6 router, talented mobile engineering teams from scratch. Needed a mobile app? Bam! Conceived and built one to boost customer acquisition. Just being a team player, all for the win.

Family Life: The Uncharted Adventure
Then there's Rusha, my better half, who makes sure I don't go bonkers. She's my travel buddy, sanity checker, life coach. And Riyaan, my energetic 7-year-old son, teaching me that life's one big, fun exploration. I regret taking just two days off for his birth – startup life, eh? But raising him? It's like another startup. Parental advice? Mostly baloney, in my opinion. With kids, you wing it and enjoy the ride.

Golf: A Love Story with Fairways and Greens
Ah, golf, my zen place. A tantalizing game that hugs you one moment and slaps you the next. Every round's a mystery. I love the challenge, the brilliance, the frustration. When I golf, everything else fades away – even Starry's rough patches. It's like my own form of meditation.

The Balancing Act: Tech, Love, and the Perfect Swing
So how do I juggle UI/UX intricacies, family time, and that elusive perfect golf swing? Still figuring that one out, honestly. But I know life's like golf; you've gotta be flexible, add a dash of humor, and roll with those unexpected twists. It's all about finding your footing and embracing balance, whether in leadership, family, or on the golf course.

A Few Gems from My Journey
Here's the simple wisdom I've gathered: Balance. Harmony. You need three things – family (and friends), to keep you sane; work, to push you; and something just for you (golf, in my case). Find a space of tranquility, where stress fades away, and you find your groove.

In the End: Balance, Balance, Balance
Life's chaotic, whether you're dealing with a startup, family, or searching for that hole-in-one. But it's all about striking harmony. Balance, my friend, balance. That's what I honestly believe. And who knows? Maybe we can tee up together someday!