dbulli.com launched!

dbulli.com launched!

It's really sad how I have stopped posting any updates to nuff-respec.com.  The site used to get tremendous traffic and ranked really high on google.  Now it's a shadow of its former self. The current iteration of the site was done in February 2008, that's right, 2008.

I can come up with a host of issues why it happened, it's really not there was a lack of things to post:

  • Too busy to post
  • Textpattern did not really update with the time, and writing posts in textile is not natural
  • Design was old and not mobile friendly
  • Got married
  • etc... you name it, there is some excuse.

Almost 5 years later. I wanted a new site, and I wanted it to be modern, and I wanted to learn.  People seem to always default to Wordpress, but personally not a fan, and it's overkill for what I wanted.  Ever since I saw the kickstarter for Ghost I wanted to try it out.

Back in July, I researched using my hosting provider Dreamhost which I have used since 2004, using a handy little how to install ghost on dreamhost write up. God awful experience!! I have had Dreamhost since 2004, and their control panel has not been updated since what seems like the 1900s.  To top it all off, the VPS cost $15 a month for non SSD (they seem to have SSD now).  Scarred from experience, I reverted the VPS account to normal account, and still no posts.

I knew I didn't want a hosted solution, why pay monthly for something I can host myself.

Fast forward to now and fully recovered from the scarring. I found Digital Ocean (Simple cloud hosting, built for developers). Not only did it offer a 1-click install of the ghost, but it took 5 minutes from start to finish, and cost only $5/month.  What a deal!  The site is modern, and things just seem to be where they should. On top of it the community is really great. Be warned, Digital Ocean is not easy for anyone (myself included) who has used more traditional hosting.  It's bare bones... no email, no ftp, no anything.  Still the learning and frustrations through it has taught me allot.

Not sure if I will fall into the realms of silence again, but here is to hoping.