Engineering Leadership: People, Process & Technolgy

Engineering Leadership: People, Process & Technolgy

Emphasizes the importance of connecting with people, implementing efficient processes, and leveraging existing technologies to successfully manage software delivery teams.

As an engineering leader, I've learned that success hinges on three pillars: people, process, and technology.


Connecting with your team members is crucial. Take time to build empathy and understanding between individuals. Have one-on-one meetings to foster tighter relationships. Celebrate wins together, no matter how small. This sense of camaraderie enables better collaboration overall.


Implement processes and systems that set up your engineers for success. Daily standups align tasks to business goals. Code reviews catch issues early. CI/CD pipelines increase deployment velocity. There are many proven frameworks out there — leverage them to boost productivity.


Architect simple but flexible systems. Lean on existing libraries and cloud services so you can focus engineering efforts on core product value. Refactor when needed, but avoid over-engineering. Deliver working software quickly over perfect software slowly. Keeping technology aligned with business objectives is key..

Here's the key: Bringing together your people, processes, and technologies into a cohesive whole. Be the calm voice connecting the dots when tensions run high. This leadership empowers teams to deliver quality results.