Turn in the direction of skid, huh?

Turn in the direction of skid, huh?

I have always wondered what it meant and never really took the time to understand it. People say it’s counterintuitive, but it really is not. After this weekend and a near accident on the Kancamangus Highway in New Hampshire, figured it out.

I was going slow enough and my car came out fine with no physical evidence of the brutality I put her through... and really happy there we no oncoming traffic and most grateful for the couple who were behind me that help me dig my car out and push it back into the road.

So what does it mean?

It really means exactly as it sounds; basically you want to get YOUR TIRES ROLLING and not skidding, rolling tires have more friction. How you do it is simple, you want to keep steering the car so the wheels can get rolling, so just do subtle turns in the direction that you want the car to end up. DON’T TURN TOO MUCH,  which is where i went wrong.

A friend said it to me the best...

Keep turning in the direction you were heading ...

There is much more about driving in icy conditions than I can go into, it’s best to avoid it, but knowledge is good."