Watching online golf instructional videos... Don't fall for it!

Watching online golf instructional videos... Don't fall for it!
Photo by Robert Linder / Unsplash
These have been both the best thing for my golf game and the worst at the same time.

At every point, during some lull in my "illustrious career" of golf, I seek the ultimate solution to fix my golf game. I scour the web, watching videos of whatever sickness ailed me that day... Slice, hook, shank, duff, fat, thin, bunker, putter, driver, grip, stance, takeaway, follow through, weaken, strengthen, hip, over the top, alignment, knuckles, wrist, bowed, early extension, clear the hips, handsy, wristy, sway...

Did I find what I was looking for? You betcha!!!! One? Two, Three? videos you say ... no ... literally hundreds, millions, a gazillion gems, gold mines, the answer to all my problems. Each one describing my issue to a tee. As if they entered my mind... read my innermost thoughts and desires. They knew me... but more importantly, they knew my problem, and they had the ultimate fix. I can rest easy... I practice in the air, constantly imagining horrible swing after swing... I feel it... it's working... my buddies better look out. I solved golf. Better put some money down...

Now... I wish this was the end, but noooooooo... not this thing called golf. It's a (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) thing that just constantly toys with you, no matter what level you are. It finds a way to beat you down and teases you of what you can achieve.

Path 1: Failure - You are ready... you have trained for this. Crapshoot... same shit, different day. You just want to quit golf.

Path 2: Partial Success - It works... the ailment you were encountering is no more... all is right in the world. Then... you know, the wheel falls off, you desperately try to keep focus and do what you've been doing... nothing works... you want to quit golf.

Path 3: Success, but something else fails - Just like path 2, but wheels don't fall off for the fix you have been training for battle. You know what's next... you fix one thing, then another breaks. Hope is lost... you want to quit golf.

Path 4: Success - All works. Firing on all cylinders. Fairway, GIRs, up & down, sand saves, tap in, chip-in, recovery, good bogey, par save... This is why you play golf. You solved it... It's easy peasy lemon squeezy. Why would anyone quit? You morons, it's so simple. HaHaHa... I should post my videos. Next week, same shit, or different shit happens... then you want to quit golf.

I am sure there are more paths, and more combinations of paths but they all lead to one thing. Just start reading this blog post, over and over, and suffer the endless loop that is watching instructional golf videos online.

Experimenting with Generative AI. I fed it this blog article said keep the same tone and voice. What it produced, doesn't really sound like me, but it does capture the essence of what I was trying to convey.